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A Student Perspective: An Inside Look at Applying to College

Posted by Sample HubSpot User on 11/15/2016

Steward seniors have spent the past four years engaging in extracurricular activities and building their résumés, and this is the time of year when all their hard work is put to the test as they apply to colleges and universities around the nation (and even the world). Seniors Emma Campbell and Sonia Jennings are experiencing all the wonders and difficulties of this important rite of passage. In the following two articles, they give an in-depth look into what the application process has been like for each of them.

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Encouraging a Growth Mindset

Posted by Sample HubSpot User on 11/4/2016

On Monday, November 7, renowned Stanford professor of mathematics education, author, and noted TED speaker Jo Boaler will be visiting The Steward School as our first Visiting Innovator of the 2016-17 school year. This visit represents a unique opportunity, tremendous good fortune, and the culmination of work that began with a small group of teachers at Steward.

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Evolution of Democracy: Connections to Modern Government

Posted by Sample HubSpot User on 10/21/2016

“Who’s in charge of making sure democracy thrives in America?” I asked my history students recently. It was not a rhetorical question; nor, in these times when respected scholars are writing about a possible “crisis of democratic legitimacy” in wealthy Western nations, is it a purely academic one.1

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Creating with "Kardboard": Building Community Through Hands-On Learning

Posted by Sample HubSpot User on 9/15/2016

By: Laura Akesson and Shane Diller
Upper School Science Teacher and Academic Dean of the Bryan Innovation Lab; Lead Technologist of the Bryan Innovation Lab

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Uniting Cultures Through Volleyball

Posted by Sample HubSpot User on 9/1/2016

Athletic competition can both divide communities and bring them together through shared camaraderie. Upper School history teacher and varsity girls volleyball coach Greg Young and freshman Crary Moore experienced the latter part of this lesson first-hand while competing in the International Children’s Games in Taiwan this summer. In the following two articles, they delve deeper into what they took away from their unique, and sometimes unexpected, encounters with different cultures.

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Celebrating the Long-Lasting Impact of Community

Posted by Sample HubSpot User on 6/6/2016

By: Lee Healey
Upper School Division Assistant

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Steward’s Lower School Experience from the Inside Out

Posted by Sample HubSpot User on 5/23/2016

By: Susan Holt, Lower School Dean of Students

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Making Programmatic Innovations

Posted by Sample HubSpot User on 5/16/2016
By: Ingrid Moore and Kris Marchant
Director of Lower School; Junior Kindergarten Teacher
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Flipping Expectations

Posted by Sample HubSpot User on 4/19/2016
By: Corbin Orgain
Middle School Math Teacher
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Learning Through Exploration

Posted by Sample HubSpot User on 4/1/2016

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A Mission-Aligned Approach to Steward's Annual Budget

Posted by Sample HubSpot User on 2/22/2016
By: Lisa Dwelle
Associate Head of School
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Building Together: Bringing Walden to Life in an AP English class

Posted by Sample HubSpot User on 2/5/2016

By: Stephanie Arnold
Upper School English Teacher

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The Intersection of Storytelling and Reading Development

Posted by Sample HubSpot User on 1/13/2016

By: Becky Groves
Lower School Academic Dean

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Coding is More Than 0s and 1s

Posted by Sample HubSpot User on 12/11/2015
By: Robin Ricketts
JK-12 Technology Coordinator

Computer programming has a major impact on our daily lives, even in ways and places that might not be immediately obvious. On a typical day, we use hundreds of tools and services that work because of their underlying programming. Thousands of jobs that did not exist 30 years ago now serve to create and maintain the technology we use for communication, banking, energy, travel, medical records, entertainment, research, national security, and more. Whatever career paths our students choose in the future, we can be sure that their success will depend in some part on their understanding of technology and how it supports our daily activities.

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Access Matters

Posted by Sample HubSpot User on 12/1/2015

By: Robin Oliff
Director of Admissions

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Arts across the Curriculum

Posted by Sample HubSpot User on 11/24/2015

By: Andy Mudd
Technical Theatre Teacher and Chair of the Performing Arts Department

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Skills for Life and Future Careers

Posted by Sample HubSpot User on 11/12/2015

By: Carol Moore
Director of Upper School

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If the School Fits

Posted by Sample HubSpot User on 10/8/2015

By: Heather Jeter
Director of College Counseling

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Attributes for Success

Posted by Sample HubSpot User on 9/24/2015

By: Ingrid Moore
Director of Lower School

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Finding the Words: Bringing Steward's Mission to Life

Posted by Sample HubSpot User on 8/27/2015

By: Dan Frank
Head of School

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    Steward Voices

    I love all that The Steward School has done for Trace. Steward has uncovered Trace’s talents, celebrated his individuality, and strengthened his belief in himself. The faculty and staff offer an amazing balance of challenge and comfort, encouraging the best from all students. I can’t imagine Trace being anywhere else. Thank you, Steward School.
    - Ron Coles, Father of Trace Coles ’19 and Grade 5 Teacher

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    Steward Voices

    Steward is the right place for Micah and Kiri because they are able to develop strong connections with their teachers, which in turn facilitates confidence and resilience in their learning. Everyone at Steward knows your name and makes you feel so welcome.
    - Paul and Janet Yoon, Parents of Kiri ’27 and Micah ’26

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    Bowen Chen2

    Steward Voices

    Being a member of The Steward School international program has been an awesome experience. The community has helped me tremendously along the way.
    - Bowen Chen ’15

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    Grace Henderson

    Steward Voices

    Steward helped me develop the skills I needed to succeed in college and the courage and confidence to set competitive career goals for myself. But, these skills weren’t lessons I learned just in Steward’s classrooms; they came from the athletic fields, in the hallways, and during Honor Council meetings, too.
    - Grace Henderson ’10

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    Betsy Jolley

    Steward Voices

    Steward provides Andrew with a nurturing environment which fosters his individualism, develops exemplary character traits, and continuously provides him with creative learning experiences. Consequently, Andrew ‘loves’ school and anticipates each day with joy, enthusiasm, and excitement.
    - Betsy Jollay, Grandmother of Andrew O’Leary ’25

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    Campbell Family

    Steward Voices

    Steward is an atmosphere that fosters confidence—something we have seen in all three of our kids. Whether it is playing a new sport, running for a seat on the Honor Council, or singing a solo on Talent Night, they have been encouraged to try, to experience, and to grow.
    - Dan and Kathi Campbell, Parents of Abbie ’19, Emma ’17, and Ben ’14